Three young masters, Josué Fonseca, Zlatco Josip and Juan Antonio Moya will perform on December 4th at Santa Maria del Pi’s basilica, bringing to the stage the Stradivarius of Spanish guitar, ‘La Invencible’.

Solera Flamenca and the festival Maestros de la Guitarra present the event ‘The Spanish Guitar and its converging paths’ bringing together in Barcelona on December 4th the praised young talents Josué Fonseca, Zlatco Josip and Juan Antonio Moya. A concert with musicians from different countries and styles in which we will have the privilege of listening live to one of the most important guitars of all times, ‘La Invencible’ (‘the invincible’), a masterpiece built in 1884 by the luthier Antonio de Torres, considered the ‘father of the Spanish guitar’. This Tuesday, we also will be able to enjoy the sound of a flamenco guitar built by Francisco Sánchez, one of the most important luthiers of our times.


Josué Fonseca, Cuba
Josué Fonseca is a Cuban-born acclaimed guitarist who lives in Spain, who started his studies with Joaquín Clerch. As an interpreter, he dedicates his work especially to his soloist career, playing in both classical and contemporary styles. He has been awarded some of the world’s most recognized guitar festivals.

Zlatco Josip, Croatia
Zlatco Josip is a son of a well-known guitar teacher of Zagreb (Croatia), and since his beginnings, this very young musician has been surrounded by some of the world’s most admired guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Edin Karamazov, Leo Witoszynski, among others. He is known for having a great ability to express and share his emotions through his guitar, inspiring the audience with elements that remind us of Spanish guitar old traditions.

Juan Antonio Moya, Spain
Juan Antonio Moya started playing the guitar when he was already 13 years-old as an autodidact and very soon he was already offering outstanding performances in local flamenco guitar competitions. During his student years, he received advice from names such as Rafael Cañizares, Juan Manuel Cañizares, José Miguel Cerro Vizcaya ‘Chiqui de la Línea’, Mayte Martín, Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’, Juan Carlos Gómez and Juan Carlos Romero. Most recently, he released his first album: ‘Bordón negro’.

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