Barcelona has grown as a tourist destination and, hence, its cultural offer widened. If you’re looking for the right plan to spend an evening in the city, we have five short tips for you!

Barcelona has grown as a tourist destination and, hence, has seen how its cultural offer widened. It is common to find yourself in a charade when looking for a good plan for you and your partner (or for you and your family) for the evenings. And, although every local has a say in this matter, we give you a few tips to follow before planning your trip to this amazing city.

Ask yourself: what I am really looking for?

Sometimes you have so many options that you simply have to stop for a moment and ask yourself: what am I looking for? Despite some people still insist to remind you that flamenco is originally from the South of Spain only to frustrate your expectations, Barcelona has a great tradition of Spanish dancers), flamenco singers – and musicians of all kinds. It’s a big city, home of many talented people.

However, we really believe you’ll get frustrated by visiting the wrong places when what you’re really looking for is a cozy Spanish atmosphere to end your day. In this case, would a flamenco guitar recital not be a great idea? We think it is a great choice when you’re looking for a calm, authentic or romantic atmosphere. In Barcelona, you’re able to listen to great masters of Spanish and flamenco guitar in beautiful venues for a decent price.

Pedro Javier González, Manuel González, Xavier Coll, Ekaterina Záytseva, Luis Robisco… These world-acclaimed maestros perform throughout the year in places like the Santa Maria del Pi’s Basilica, the Club Capitol, and the Palau de la Música Catalana.

And if you’d like to see some flamenco dance?

Simply contrast the offers – and bear in mind: more is not alway the best! Some places try to attract tourists offering a combo of dinner and show, or guitar and wine. Fair enough. Others, though, rely only on their specialty to offer unique cultural experiences. Barcelona has a dynamic life with many good places to visit, so why don’t you go to that amazing show and later visit that top-notch restaurant?

Regarding flamenco dance, Maestros de la Guitarra brings together three guitar maestros and two of the most admired flamenco dancers in the country to offer today’s Barcelona’s most praised spectacle, Barcelona Guitar Trio & Dance, that can be seen as well in the breathtaking Palau de la Música Catalana. Unmissable!

Trust organic, rather than paid!

Both options are legitimate, but, if you do your search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, remember that organic results are the outcome of a long-term hard work and they are first ranked because the searcher decided it deserved, while ads are ranked on the top the page because they are the best-paid content.

Read the reviews…

They are there for one reason! Nowadays, everyone uses the internet to review the goods and the bads about the places they visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a foreigner, it’s all there! So why don’t you check their reviews on websites like TripAdvisor or Facebook? In the end, you might also find discounts and stay up to date with everything happening at your destinations.

Finally, make the most of your trip!

Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Don’t stay at the hotel only to save a few extra coins. In the end, it won’t be worthy, as you’ll never know if you ever return to this amazing place. Don’t be shy – and make the most of your trip!