John Williams, Berta Rojas and Paco Peña will perform in the famous venue, located by the Thames river, in London, on July 21st and 22nd, 2018.

The Shakespeare’s Globe, in London, will hold a very special evening for Spanish guitar fans living or visiting the English capital.

The blog of the prestigious venue, located by the Thames river, announced a weekend of great performances lead by the Australian classical guitarist John Williams, which will also count with other great names of the music stardom: the Paraguayan master Berta Rojas and the multi-awarded flamenco guitarist Paco Peña.

Berta Rojas will perform on the stage of the Globe as a soloist player on July 21st, playing a repertoire dedicated to the great Latin American composer -and also her compatriot- Agustín Barrios “Mangoré” (have a look in this interpretation of one of his pieces played by the Cuban guitarist Alí Arango to get in the mood).

On the same evening, the Grammy-winner John Williams, unquestionably one of today’s most virtuous guitarists, will offer all of his art to the audience interpreting a wide range of pieces, which will include pieces from the Italian-born composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi to Venezuelan classical composers.

On July 22nd, it will be the turn for the maestro Paco Peña perform one more time in the city where he started building his successful career back in the 60’s, before turning to be, for the following decades, one of the main flamenco ambassadors worldwide. Both Paco Peña and John Williams will celebrate together 49 years of a great friendship.