Among the guitarists who’ll compete at the semifinals, names like the young German musician Laura Lootens and the Italian Giulia Ballare.

The Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Clásica “Andrés Segovia” keeps surprising us yearly with the level of its competitors and, although in 2018 no Spaniards has passed through the first stages, it’s still worthy to have a closer look in each one of the names who will perform for one of the most prestigious prizes in the world.

Marko Topchii

Born in Ukraine, he has won more than 80 awards in festivals around the world, including the first prize in the 2016’s editions of the International Guitar Meeting Andrés Segovia which takes place in Linares, city where the maestros were born.

Laura Lootens

The classical guitarist from Germany started studying guitar when she was only 9, being also one of the youngest students to be admitted to the Munich Conservatory. Now, after turning 17, she is also one of the two female guitarists on the finals of the contest.

Joaquim Santos

The Portuguese “violonista” gave his first steps as a soloist when he was only 7 years-old (in 2002), in Coimbra. He has won many prizes and has been performed in some of the most important venues in Europe.

Giulia Ballarè:

Born in Novara (Italy), the classical guitarist has been graduated with honours and completed his studies with masters such as Alberto Ponce, Pavel Steidl, David Russell, and Walter Zanetti. Praised by critics, she has been awarded many first prizes, among them the Comarca del Condado, the Ciudad de Coria and the José Tomás Villa de Petrer.

Gian Marco Ciampa

Another of the young prodigies of the classical guitar in Italy, the awarded 28-year-old musician, only in 2016, offered more than 40 concerts in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Italy and Germany. Gian Marco Ciampa has studied with names such as Carlo Marchione, Judicael Perroy, Aniello Desiderio and Fabio Zanon.

Deion Cho

The South-Korean has debuted as a professional when he was only 15 years old (in 2007) and, three years later, Deion Cho moved to Spain to widen his musical skills. He has studied in the  Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid under Gabriel Estarellas, Gerardo Arriaga and Miguel Trápaga

Josué Fonseca

Born in Santiago de Cuba, Josué Fonseca started studying guitar in the city of Las Tunas and received his first award when he was 13. Currently, he is one of the members of the duo Pyrophorus Guitar (with Ali Arango) and of the Beriay duo (with the pianist Pablo Prieto). He lives in Granada (Spain), where he is known for his concerts and recitals.