Have you arrived early for one of our recitals? Don’t worry. Barcelona has plenty of bars to sit down, have a couple of drinks, eat or even meet new people.

Barcelona is all about Spanish guitar, but – or maybe we should say ABOVE ALL – it can be also described as a bohemian city with an energetic young artistic scene.

Many travelers who visit Barcelona use to talk later with nostalgia about the experience of losing themselves in the streets of its old town, from the Raval neighborhood to the surroundings of Santa Maria del Mar’s cathedral, discovering different bars and meeting constantly new people. Yeah, that’s Barcelona!

The truth is that every one of us has a favorite spot in here, where to sit down and relax, and it really doesn’t matter if it’s that kind of place you just stop by in the morning to have an ordinary latte and read the news, or, on the contrary, if it is one of those modern bars where you’ll have some fancy drinks before heading back to the hotel.

And, if you arrived early for one of our recitals, don’t worry. This shouldn’t be an issue! For you, we wrote this post!

We have talked recently with our staff, those young fellas who promote our concerts in the streets and asked them about the places they would recommend nearby our concerts to create a small ranking to publish on our blog. Good cava, cold beer and nice tapas for a decent price… This is our top 5 ranking of bars in Barcelona’s old town:

  1. Zona d’Ombra

Only two minutes from the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi, in the middle of the old Jewish square, you can find the Zona d’Ombra, as they describe themselves, «the evolution of the classical winery in a place specialized in selling wines, cava and other kinds of drinks», where the customer can rather have a glass or even just down and relax, matching his drinks with samples of traditional food. The perfect place to go with your soulmate or even meet your friends after an intense week of work.

  1. Bar del Pi

Located in one of the most charming zones of Barcelona’s old town, in the square called Sant Josep Oriol, the Bar del Pi is only a few steps from the main entrance of Santa Maria del Pi. As one important magazine describes, this bar is daily visited by «artists, students, tourists and street musicians». Opened for the first time in the beginning of the last century, it still has a modernist decoration and has an old piano inside. Besides, it makes an excellent coffee and proudly has one of the most enjoyable glasses of beer in the city.


The Bar del Pi, located only a few steps of Santa Maria del Pi

  1. La Tosca

Some people, when they review us on TripAdvisor, also take a moment to talk about La Tosca, located in a corner just in front of the Palau de la Música Catalana. And, sincerely, it should deserve the first position at this ranking. Fair price, nice mood, polite staff and a range of high-quality choices on the menu, from drinks to food. Sincerely, what else do we need? Maybe for a foreigner visiting the city, La Tosca lacks in authenticity – as it’s not a typical Spanish tavern. However, when Barcelona Guitar Trio performs at the Palau, this is undoubtedly the place chosen for us to refill our energy.

  1. l’Antic Teatre

If what you are looking for is a place with young and local people, the bar of the Antic Teatre (old theater) is our tip for the surroundings of the Palau, especially from end-April till the beginning of October, when the good weather calls us to have a couple of bottle of beers outside. A rehabilitated space, with cultural activities throughout the year.


Young people and open-air drinks at the Antic Teatre

  1. Kalderkold Cerveseria Craft Beer

Well, this is the last one of our list for two simple reasons: first, it is not an authentic bar from Barcelona; then, well, the prices here can be considered quite high. But there are many reasons to include Kalderkold in our list. Actually, there are fifteen – fifteen taps of different kind of beers. Although the boom of local breweries in the city, the ones sold here are, unarguably, some of the bests in town. If what you want is an excellent pint and you are already tired of the popular lagers, this place, located only 50 meters from Santa María del Pi, believe me, is your place.


The fifteen taps of Kalderkold