Member of the formation Barcelona Guitar Trio, the guitarist plays Serrat’s famous song with local artists such as Estopa, Manolo García and Antonio Orozco.

The musician Luis Robisco, member of Barcelona Guitar Trio, has recorded -with artists like Manolo García, Estopa, Ismael Serrano and Antonio Orozco- the guitars to the song «Mediterráneo», composed by Joan Manuel Serrat, now anthem of the campaign «Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra» (tr. Our Home, Your Home). The main goal of this initiative is to show the support of the local civil society towards the refugees who risk their lives every day crossing the Mediterranean Sea -fleeing from starvation, violence, war and poverty-, and raise its voice against the measures taken by the European Union until now to «welcome» them. The campaign will reach its most important moment on January 18th with a demonstration in the streets Barcelona.
To sign the manifesto, please visit the