The emblematic instrument, declared a cultural asset of national interest and considered the “Stradivarius of guitars”, will once again be played on stage, this time by the hands of the award-winning guitarists Alí Arango, Pedro Javier González and Antonio Rey.

It is said that the Catalan composer Isaac Albéniz told Francisco Tárrega excitedly, after hearing the piece “Granada” interpreted with his guitar Torres, that such interpretation was exactly what he was looking for.

Antonio de Torres, born in the Spanish city of Almeria in 1817, is considered the father of the modern guitar (both classical and flamenco) and his instruments are still played by the most important musicians today – all over the world.

Among his famous instruments, perhaps the most important is called “La Invencible” [the invincible], built in 1884 by Torres, recently declared heritage of national interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which many critics refer to as the “Stradivarius of guitars”.

“[‘La Invencible’] is a very unique guitar among those built by Torres”, told Carles Trepat, a famous Catalan classical guitarist, the newspaper “La Voz de Almería”. “It was designed thinking in the 20th century. Torres might had sensed that it was going to be louder than the 19th.”

“It seemed that, generally speaking, by then the guitar demanded to enhance its sound, although this was not his goal; he was looking for the beauty of sound, not its power. But in ‘La Invencible’ he tested and combined them both beautifully. This is still a challenge for today’s guitar builders.”

“La Invencible” was recently purchased by the Solera Flamenca store in Barcelona, and restored by the Italian luthier Gabriele Lodi, who “introduced cameras to check inside and restored its back with magnetic tools and very thin sheets”, also reviewing its other elements.

«The Invincible» in the Palau de la Música Catalana:
Alí Arango: September 30th, 9 pm
Pedro Javier González Quartet: October 7th, 10 pm
Antonio Rey: October 28th, 9 pm
Every artist will play at least one piece with “La Invencible” during his concert. Produced by Poema SL for the festival Maestros de la Guitarra.